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There are several ways to insert a tick mark or checkmark in Word, but they sometimes don’t work. So today, I will show you how to insert tick marks easily and quickly. I will also mention other ways of inserting marks or ticks into the Word.

Fast Access :

Insert a check mark or tick mark in the Word

As I mention, there are several ways to insert a checkmark. In the below section, I will tell you to change your font to Wingdings, but it is unnecessary to use this font. You can choose another font and use the character’s code. Maybe it is a little confusing, but I will explain everything, and at the end of this article, you will be able to insert checkmarks in any fonts and everywhere as quickly as possible.

Insert checkmark by pressing Alt + Code

Path: change your font to Wingdings > press Alt and enter the code

This works well, but sometimes it doesn’t work in some codes.

Insert tick mark with top-bar

Path: insert > symbol > more symbols > change your font to Wingdings > find tick mark > insert it

Insert tick mark with top-bar

This will work every time, and you will not have a problem like the previous way. But this process is too long. Imagine you have a lot of check marks on your topic. It makes you tired. So I want to tell you another way to insert the check marks easy and quick.

Use AutoCorrect method

Path: insert > symbol > more symbols > select on the symbol you want > autocorrect > type a text in Replace field > add

I like this way of inserting check marks. The excellent point is it’s easy to use, and you don’t need to go to symbols every time, and the bad point is you must remember the texts you add for characters.

Set shortcut for check mark

Path: insert > symbol > more symbols > change your font to Wingdings > find tick mark > set a shortcut 😀

Set shortcut for checkmark

With this shortcut, you will be able to solve two previous problems. Fast and no need to change the fonts every time. You can do this for any symbol you need.

And that’s it; now, you can easily insert a checkmark or tick mark into the Word.

Copy and paste it

Another easy way is to copy and paste it from below 😀

✅ ✔ ✔️ ✓ ❎ √ ☓ 〤 ☑ ✗ ✘ ❌

How to insert checkmark bullets into the word?

Path: Home Tab > click on the arrow beside the bullet’s icon > select checkmark

If you don’t like the check mark, click on the Define New Bullet  and create your own.

FAQ about getting tick mark Microsoft Word

Hi, I use the shortcuts, and the code is correct, but it doesn’t insert a checkmark for me. The code is 254.

Hi, sometimes it doesn’t work correctly. Test 0254, remember to press ALT, and if it doesn’t work again, set a shortcut, and don’t bother yourself.

Is it the same for mac?

Yes. Also, you can use Edit on the top bar to insert emoji and symbols. I put the path below.

Path: Edit > Emoji & symbols > type and search what you want

AutoCorrect method does not work with WORD in Office 2016

It is a problem with your MS Word. Check if it works for other symbols or not. If your AutoCorrect doesn’t work at all. Don’t bother yourself, and reinstall your Word.

Notice: maybe your setup files are corrupt.

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