How to Create a drop-down list in Microsoft Word


The drop-down list is a feature in Microsoft Word that lets people choose from predefined items. With this feature, You can avoid entering the wrong information.     

There are two types of drop-down lists in  Word, the Combo Box, and the drop-down box.

The difference is that a user can insert their own text in a Combo Box, but in a drop-down list can’t.

This article will teach us how to create a multiple-choice drop-down list in MS Word.

Fast Access:

  1. Enable the Developer menu
  2. How to create a drop-down list in Word
  3. Add and edit items to the drop-down list
  4. Delete a drop-down list

Enable the Developer menu

To create a drop-down list, you need to activate the developer menu. there are two ways to active the developer menu in Microsoft Word.

  1. right-click on the Ribbon and customize the Ribbon
  2. go to the Options then customize the Ribbon

You need to check the Developer menu check box to activate it on the ribbon.

If it’s unclear, we have an article for activating the Developer menu step-by-step in Microsoft word: how to activate the Developer menu in Word

drop-down list in Microsoft Word

Path: go to the developer tab > click on drop-down list content control in Controls Group

create a drop-down list

When you click on the drop-down list, Microsoft word will create an empty drop-down list for you. And you need to add items to your list.

Notice: you can also use the Combo Box for creating a drop-down list. And the setting and everything is the same.

Add and edit items to the drop-down list

Path: select the drop-down list > go to Developer tab > click on properties in the Controls group

When you click on the properties, a dialog box will appear. In this dialog, you can edit your drop-down menu.

Notice: in the properties dialog, you have two options that let you make your drop-down menu undeletable and uneditable. So if you need a Combo Box, you can use it and set it to uneditable.

content control properties Word

Add item to drop-down list content control

Click on the Add button in the drop-down List Properties. You must insert the display name and value of the new item. Then you can see the item in the properties list.

Press ok. And click on the arrow beside the drop-down menu to see the items.

Edit a drop-down list in MS Word

In the Control Content Properties dialog, you have some options to edit your drop-down menu. You can Add, Modify, Move, remove, etc.

Notice: with modify option, you can edit an existing item in your list.

Delete a drop-down list

Select your list and press delete or BackSpace on your keyboard. If it doesn’t delete, open the properties menu and uncheck the Content Can not be deleted.

Notice: right-click on the drop-down list and click on remove Content Control to delete your list.

Delete drop-down list

That’s it. Now you can create your own drop-down menu.

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