How to create and insert signature in Word


Adding a signature to Word can make your document look professional. There are many ways to add your signature in Word. You can add a physical signature by taking an image, using a scanner, drawing your signature in Word by Draw Tab, etc.

In this article, we will learn how to create and insert our signature in Word, and also, I will tell you how to make quick parts for your signature.

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Create a signature in Word

the simplest way to add your signature in Word is to use a scanner or phone to take an image from your signature. In this way, you can easily insert your picture into Word. But if you don’t have a scanner or for any reason you can’t take a picture, you can use the Draw tab to draw your signature. It can be easy to draw on the phone, but it can be a little challenging on a computer and mouse.

Notice: If you don’t see the Draw tab in the top bar, you must activate it from Customize the Ribbon. Follow the guide below to activate it on your Word.

How to activate  the Draw Tab in Word

Path: right-click on the top-bar > customize the Ribbon >  active the draw

active the Draw tab
right click on the top bar.

Path 2: file tab > options  > customize the Ribbon >  active the draw

Now the draw tab is shown up, and you can use it to create your signature.

Add a signature to Word in windows

Draw your signature

Path: Draw Tab > select a pen from Pens group > draw your signature everywhere you want

Notice: If you have an image, just drag it to your Word and place it everywhere you want.

Draw your signature
go to the Draw tab and select a pen, then you can Draw your signature everywhere you want

Add your signature’s image

Path: click on the place you want to insert your signature > go to Insert Tab > click on Picture in the Illustrations group > find your image and press insert.

Notice: you can just drag your image and drop it into Word 😊.

Maybe this is a little hard if you want to insert your signature too many times but don’t worry; in the last section, I will tell you an easy way to save and use your signature.

How to insert signature in word mobile

It’s not much different from the previous method. You need to open the Draw tab and draw your signature.

Path: open the document in edit mode > find the Draw tab > Draw your signature.

signature in phone
first, you need to open word in edit mode, then find the Draw tab and Draw your signature

Notice: you can insert your image in the phone too.

create a quick part for your signature on Word

Path: select your signature > go to insert tab > click on Quick Pars > click on auto text > click on save Selection to Auto Text Gallery > set a name > click on ok

create a new building block
set a name and click on Ok

Now you can insert your signature so easily. Go to the quick part again and hover on Auto text; you should see the signature you previously created. If you don’t see the signature, click on the quick part > click on field > select auto text from left bar > find your signature from the right bar > insert it.

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