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Hi there; changing a page’s orientation in Microsoft Word is easy. But the problem will occur when you want to change just one page’s orientation(We explain it in the following section).

In this article, we are going to learn how to change the orientation of pages and just one page in Microsoft Word.

How to change the orientation pages in Word

It has two simple steps to change the page’s orientation. 

1 Open the Layout tab

2 Click on the orientation.

How to change the orientation pages in Word

There are two options, landscape and Portrait. Please choose one of them.

Notice: as you can see, this option will change all of the page’s orientations. in the next section, we will explain the reason and also how you can change just one-page orientation in MS Word.

how to make one page landscape in Word

First of all, it’s important to know that Microsoft word pages are connected together, and they inherit some properties from each other.

The orientation is one of these properties, which means if you change one-page orientation, the other page’s orientation will change too.

So what should we do? Microsoft Word has a feature that lets you divide pages into several sections(as much as you want). The reason for inheriting the properties is the section. Pages will inherit from other pages in the same section. So if you divide and unlink them, they don’t inherit anymore.

Now let’s see how we can do this step-by-step but for a better understanding of how to divide pages in Microsoft Word, visit this article: How to divide and unlink pages in Word.

Step-by-step, make one page landscape in Word

1 separate the page you want from others.

For example, we want to change page number 4 to landscape. To separate pages, first, click on the previous page(page 3) > click on the break in page setup group

Do the same for the page you want to change to landscape(page 4).

2 unlink pages.

As I mentioned before, pages are connected together. We should unlink page 4 from the previous one and the next pages from page 4.

open the headers and footers > click on the page 4 header > go to the Header and Footer tool(Design tab) > click on the link to previous

unlink the sections for orientation

do the same for both header and footer of page 4 and page 5.

Now there is no connection between page 4 and others. To change the orientation to landscape, open the Layout tab > Click on the orientation > set it to landscape

If you have any problem in separating pages together, visit this article : How To Divide And Unlink A Word Document Into Sections

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