Several ways to save a Word document as an image


some days ago, I wanted to convert my Word document into a picture, and I found several ways to convert my Word into an image.

One Famous method is to Copy your text and paste it with Paste Special option in the Home tab.

But this method has one big problem, Black background. When you try to save your images, it gives you a picture with a black background.

In this article, I will solve this problem, and I will give you a way that you can convert all of your document’s page.

Fast Access:

How to save MS Word as image

Convert Word to image with Paste Special

Path: Select all of your text > press Ctrl +x to cut or right-click and click on the Cut > go to the Home tab from Clipboard Group, click on the arrow under the paste option > click on paste Special > click on the Picture

turn text to image by Paste Special in word

Notice: instead of clicking on Paste Special, you can right-click and click on the icon that looks like the image in paste Options.

convert text to image by right click

Now your text converts to a picture automatically and for saving it on your device:

Path: right click on the image > save as picture > select what type do you want to save > click on save

set a name and save

Notice: as I mentioned, it may not work well and gives you an image with a black background. It happens because the image is transparent, and when MS Word tries to save it, set the background to black. I found two ways to solve this problem.

Word Black Background Solution

For this problem, you need to sets a background for your image, which will be saved correctly.

Path: Click on your image >  go to the Format tab > from adjust Group, click on the arrow beside the Color option > click on Picture Color Options > a sidebar opens on the right side > click on the ( Fill ) option > click on Solid fill > set color to white > now right-click on the image and save it as previous.

That’s it, and know it will be saved with white background. This way of converting text to image is a little complicated when you want to convert, for example, a 1000 page. So if you’re going to convert a lot of pages and you don’t want to change the background every time, I suggest transforming your texts with the Print Option that I explain In the following section

Convert Word to image with print option

Path: open the File tab > click on Print > set your printer to Universal document converter > click on the Print > set a name > save on your device

universal document converter setting

Notice: you must download and install the universal Document converter on your computer

Universal Document converter: download

Notice: you must go to printer properties at the bottom of the Printer and then go to file format and set it to Jpeg or anything you want.

now it should work well for you.

universal document converter setting
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