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Sometimes, especially when writing an enormous article, the Heading can make your document more readable. 

What is Heading in Microsoft Word? 

Headings are the title of sections, book seasons, etc. For example, when you are looking for a topic in a book, you will search for it in the TOC of the book. And Table of Contents (TOC) is a list of titles of each section of that book.

So let’s see how to use Headings in Microsoft Word and also customize it as we want.

how to create headings in word   

Path: select the text which you want to change to a Heading > open the “Home” tab > select one of the Headings in the “Styles” group. 

how to create headings in word

Notice: by default, you will see two or three heading in the Styles group, but when you add the last heading, Microsoft Word will show you more headings options to choose from. But why? and how should we choose the headings? 

How to choose Headings in Word?

Each heading is a subset of its top heading. Look at the picture below. 

As you can see, each of the headings is a subset except “Heading 1”. Heading1 is the top title of an article, and you should set just one “Heading1” per article.

Heading styles in word

Path: open the “Home” tab > right-click on the Heading you want to customize> click on the modify > customize the heading as you want. 

to be clear, let’s customize our Heading in Word step-by-step

Notice: you can customize all of the Styles and it is not just for Headings.

How to customize Headings in Microsoft Word?

Right-click on the Heading you want to customize and click on the modify

modify Headings

Now the Modify Style window will appear.

There are several options that let you create your own style. For example, I change the Font to “Mier b” and the Size to “16” for my Heading1.

At the bottom of this window, you can see two radio buttons. If you want to have this style for the new documents click on “New document based on this template” and if not click on the “only in this document”.

Notice: there are more options and you can find them by clicking on the Format button at the bottom of the “Modify Style” window.

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