How do I reply to a message on Instagram?


Instagram, a popular social media platform from Meta Company, introduced a reply feature a few months ago. However, it was only available in certain regions. But, recently, Instagram made it available worldwide. The reply feature allows users to respond to any message in Instagram Direct, including reels, stories, posts, and even their own messages. This feature has proven to be very useful as users can now engage in conversations more easily and conveniently. Moreover, it has made communication on the platform more efficient and streamlined.

In the upcoming sections, I will guide you on how to use the Instagram replay feature.

Types of replying on Instagram

When it comes to interacting with others on Instagram, it’s important to understand the two types of replies available: comments and direct messages. Replies to comments are public and can be seen by anyone who views the post, while replies to direct messages are private and can only be seen by the person or group that you’re messaging. 

If you want to learn how to reply to comments on Instagram, check out this article: “How to Reply to Comments on Instagram.”

How to reply to messages on Instagram step-by-step

Before proceeding, please ensure that your Instagram application is updated to the latest version. 

1open an Instagram chat.

open an Instagram chat

2hold on a message.

hold on a message

When you press and hold a message, the reply option appears. You can also see the reaction bar. 

Link: see how to personalize the reaction bar.

3 click on the reply button.

click on the reply button

4write anything you want, and send it.

write anything you want, and send it


How to reply to my message on Instagram? 

It’s the same as replying to other’s messages. Press and hold on to your message and click on the reply option.

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