Compare documents in Microsoft Word


Comparing two documents in Microsoft Word can be difficult and boring, especially if you have an enormous article. So Microsoft Word has a feature that lets you compare and merge documents.

This article will explain how to compare two documents and keep or delete changes in Word.

Compare two documents in Word

Path: open the main document > go to the Review Tab > click on the Compare in the Compare group > click on the Compare. 

Compare two documents in Word

When you click on the “Compare”, the “Compare Documents” dialog box will appear. In this dialog box, you should browse the original and revised documents. 

After that, Microsoft Word will open a new document with three parts (Compared document, original and revised file, and Revision Pane).

Compared documents in Word

Notice: you can hide the original and revised sections by Reviews > Compare > Show Source Documents > Hide Source Document

Keep or Delete differences

So now, you can see the difference between your documents. And you have two options, keep the changes or delete them. 

Keep or Delete differences

Keep the changes

Path: right-click on the differences and click on the Reject Deletion

Delete the changes

Path: right-click on the differences and click on the Accept Deletion

Notice: to keep or delete changes, you can scroll through the Compared document or right-click on the Revisions and do what you want.

Now save the new document by “File > Save As” or press Ctrl + S to save the new document. 

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