2 Ways to embed a video in Microsoft Word


There are two ways to insert a video in Microsoft Word. You can insert an online or offline video. But if you try to drag your video from your computer and drop it into your Word document, you see that it shows like an image or icon and doesn’t play.

So it would help if you had something like a media player to play your video.

There is a media player in MS Word, and you must activate it with the Developer Tab.

This article will explain all processes of inserting an online or offline video into Word.

Fast Access:

  1. active developer menu in Word
  2. embed an offline video
  3. insert online video

Embed an offline video into Word

Active the developer menu in Word

To access the Developer menu on the Ribbon, you must activate it from File > Options > Customize Ribbon > active the Developer from the right side section. If you need more details, see this article: how to activate the developer menu + picture

Path: go to the developer tab > click on the legacy tool  in the control group > more controls > find Windows media player

media player in word

Now you create a media player in your document. And you must import your video into it.

Insert video into a media player in Word

Path: activate the Design Mod > select the created Windows Media player > click on the Properties > double-click on the custom field > insert URL or file name, or browse your video

Step 1:Cick on the Properties

Step 2: double click on the Custom and browse your video

add your video to the media player

To insert your video into the media player, you must activate the Design Mode from the controls group in the Developer tab.

Notice: The Design Mode must be activated when you want to change your media player.

Notice: set the “WindowslessVideo” to true. When I tried to play a video without this option, the Media Player didn’t show the video, and  I just heard the video’s music.

insert online a video into MS Word

Path: go to the Insert Tab > Media Group > click on the Online Video > insert Your Video’s URL

Notice: Microsoft Word supports videos from YouTube, Slideshare.net, and Vimeo.

For example, if you want to insert a video from YouTube, find the embedded URL and copy and paste it into the Insert Video dialog box.

Notice: you can also copy the URL from the address bar of your browser


As MS Word Says, Not all online videos from these sites are allowed to be embedded. You should check on the video site to find out if a certain video can be embedded.

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